How we can help

We help teams with the software side of business.

MVP+ Consulting

We provide MVP+ consulting services. Whether it's modernizing your tech stack or writing custom software we can help take your idea to the mainstage.

Custom Software Development

If an existing solution doesn't cover your use case we are prepared to develop a custom solution properly utilizing existing processes and frameworks.

Cloud Migration

We help you prepare your software for the cloud. This includes platform assessments, migration planning, data migrations/custom pipelines, and cloud monitoring.

Supportive Development

We support your existing stack with automated testing sweets, emergency preparedness, and custom CI/CD pipelines through services like Jenkins, GitLab, and TravisCI.

What can we offer

Here's just a few of our main offerings.

Focus on what you need

We help startups by targeting pain points unique to them. We assess and recommend technology solutions and methods that sync and match with your business strategy; use strict reliability requirements tailored to your needs and concerns; test and report project status and progress at every milestone. This allows you to focus on funding and finding your market fit instead of sinking hours into hiring developers in those critical first months.

We at Conceptual believe that close communication and repeated feedback are essential to software development / consulting.

Solutions are developed to be maintainable and expendable. Additional feature extension agreements are available. Services retainer agreements are available to support you.

We implement requirements using the best practice for the solution's life-cycle. Feature developments are tracked and reported keeping pace with implementation.

What we use

While we enjoy learning new frameworks, here's what we usually use.